Program realizowany przez Fundację Uniwersyteckich Poradni Prawnych

Annual Reports

We invite you to take a look at our annual reports from which you can learn about cases handled by pro bono lawyers cooperating with Centrum Pro Bono.


centrum pro bono raport 2008 ENG


centrum pro bono raport 2012 PL ENG


About Us

People particularly engaged in the work on this project are :

– Filip Czernicki, the University Legal Clinics Foundation

– Ewa Konczal, the Ashoka Foundation

– Agnieszka Wardak, Dentons

– Ph.D. Adam Bodnar, the Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights

Discussion on the project was initiated by Atanas Politov, Program Director of the Global Network for Public Interest Law (further referred to as : PILnet), also involved was PILnet board member and partner with Hogan & Hartson Michael Cheroutes. The program’s coordinator is Anna Włodarczyk.

Centrum Pro Bono is a project managed by the University Legal Clinics Foundation which for over five years has been actively involved in the promotion and popularization of the pro publico bono activity. The Foundation coordinates, represents  and supports a network of 24 legal clinics. It also works with  the bar associations on the accessibility of free of charge legal aid and has participated in the work on the act on accessibility of free legal aid. Every year the Foundation organizes a contest Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year. You can find more information about the University Legal Clinics Foundation.

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ul. Szpitalna 5 lok. 5
00-031 Warszawa
tel. (+48) 530 287 305

We cooperate with the Polish branches of the following law firms:

How our system works

We are aware of the fact that most of the major law firms have the resources necessary for the pro publico bono legal work as well as the willingness to engage in such activities, they do not have time to coordinate them. From January 2008 all the work concerning coordination of the cooperation between legal offices and NGOs has been taken over by the Cenrtum Pro Bono.

Thanks to the Centrum Pro Bono the law firms participating in the program are given a ready product in the form of a clear-cut case. Before the cases is be passed on to the law firms they are evaluated by the Centrum’s coordinator, who assesses their level of complexity and decides which case needs professional legal aid. On the Centrum Pro Bono website law firms have access to a coded list of cases submitted to us. This way they are able to choose a case best suiting their field of specialization.

For more information please contact Ms. Luba Krasnitskaya – a coordinator of the Centrum Pro Bono. Her e-mail is